Aiding People Fleeing Conflict

Delivering aid and transporting people to new beginnings

In response to the war in Ukraine, Eden Aid is delivering essential medical and humanitarian supplies and bringing back refugees to host families.

raised so far including £49,000 worth of free minibuses lent to us by Schools and friends
Trips with 116 vehicles have driven 276,000 miles by 128 different drivers over the past 32 weeks
pallets of medical supplies, hygiene & sanitary products and food with an approx.. value of £409,000
Displaced Ukrainians now helped to start new lives:
brought back to host families in the UK by Eden Aid with 83 Dogs, 65 Cats, 1 Hamster, 2 Rats and 1 Guinea Pig carried on our trips
helped to move across Europe by Eden Aid
who came to the UK on 4 buses with Coaches to Ukraine which has now merged their operations into Eden Aid

Eden Aiding refugees


Two groups of friends from Penrith and Oxford have come together to do something real to help coordinate aid for Ukraine and help the displaced people of Ukraine


We gather medical provisions & essential supplies needed in the Ukraine and in the refugee centres in Poland or partner with other groups across the UK who have similarly gathered aid for Ukraine


We are then delivering that aid using locally donated and sometimes funded minibuses from the UK to the Polish border where logistics are in place to distribute it to Refugee Centres or onward into Ukraine directly to those in need


On each return journey we are then bringing displaced Ukrainians back to welcoming host families in the UK or to other secure rehoming networks elsewhere in Europe

Eden Aid founders on their first trip delivering supplies to the Help Ukraine Center. March 2022.

Donations. Transport. Delivering Aid.

We are a small group of friends from the Eden Valley near Penrith, moved by the plight experienced in Ukraine and have decided to raise money to help them cope with their challenges.

Aiding People Feeling Conflict

We are working with the Help Ukriane Center to coordinate deliveries of the most needed supplies such as medical equipment and dried foods.

Resettling Ukrainian refugees into welcoming countries

We have successfully relocated 27 people directly into safe host families, we are continuing to do this in conjunction with our deliveries to the Ukrainian border.